First escape game in Kutná Hora

Can You escape in 60 minutes?

It's not as easy as it seems.

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Find clues & solve our puzzles

Open all locks

Who can play?

Looking for fun in Kutná Hora? Visit us and tease your brain a little.

The game is language-neutral, so it can be played by a team composed of players from around the world.

Friends & Families

Come with your friends to find out if you really think alike. Suitable for families with children.


Tired of sightseeing? You came to the right place!


Do you want to be the very best? You can be like no one ever was.


Our game is a great team building exercise. You cannot succeed without proper communication.










60 minutes and the time is running out


Answers for frequently asked questions

Can children attend?

Sure, families with children are our frequent customers. Even a group of children can attend, under the supervision of an adult.

Why should I join in this game?

Our game offers a unique group activity experience. It is a perfect opportunity to test your concentration, observation, logical deduction and team comunication under pressure.

How difficult is the game?

Our game is designed to be completed in 60 minutes through concentration and solving puzzles. If you run into trouble, our staff can give you a hint via the radio.

Do we have to wear special costumes to play the game?

No, the risk of soiling your clothes is minimal.

How can I book the game?

You can book the game online here.

You can also book the game via the phone or email

Can I change the date of booked game?

Certainly. After you book a game, an email message with a link to cancel the game will be sent to you.

You can cancel the game until 24 hours before your booking.

Otherwise, you can contact us on 721 522 769 and change the date of your game.

If you do not cancel the game and do not come, you will be charged CZK 100.

Is it possible to give this game as a gift?

Sure, our voucher is a great gift to every occasion. If you want to buy one, contact as at or in person.


It is possible to have up to 8 people in a group. The price is based on the number of people in a group.

2-3 people


4-6 people


7-8 people




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